Cursillo is a Lay Catholic spiritual movement

Diocese of Savannah Cursillo Movement

Secretariat / School of Leaders / Ultreya

As members of the greater community of believers in Jesus Christ, the Cursillo movement lives our discipleship through knowledge of our friendship with Chirst, sharing of that friendship with neighbor, and reaching out to those searching for that friendship. 

We follow the structure of the Cursillo Movement originally formed in Mallorca, Spain in the 1940s to grow our Catholic Church through friendship, knowledge, and prayer.  The Cursillo Movement is rather simple: Love the Lord, Grow in the Lord, and Share the Lord's message in our everyday lives.  Though it's beginnings were simple on an isolated island to has grown to encompass the entire world.  Cursillo de Chistianidad is diocesan based and works to offer those searching for a closer relationship with the Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church that opportunity

We are here in the Savannah Diocese, 37,038 sq. miles, 90 counties, 55 parishes, 24 missions, and over 77.287 active Catholic families.  Our movement has reached to all corners of the diocese since the first Cursillo Weekend was held in 1978. 

We regularly hold monthly Ultreyas (Cursillo group gatherings open to all), School of Leaders (Open to all who have attended a Cursillo Weekend), and weekly small reunion groups (open to all wanting to grow in Christ).  Ultreya and School of Leaders are regionally based and currently active in Middle Georgia (Macon/Warner Robins), Southeast Georgia (St Mary's/Folkston/Kings Bay), Savannah, Bluffton (in South Carolina), and are currently hoping to begin again in Augusta and Valdosta.

We are currently planning on having Men's and Women's weekends in spring and fall each year.  There are times when there are not enough Cursillo Candidates registered to hold a weekend but that never stops new members from participating in reunion groups and Ultreya.